Baldness: Myths And Facts

There have always been many stories, myths and misconceptions about hair loss and baldness…here are just some:

  • If you wash your hair too much, you will lose hair. FALSE.

  • Wearing tight baseball caps (or helmets) too often will make you bald. FALSE.

  • There may be gasses or poisons in the air that cause baldness. FALSE.

  • Hanging upside down may encourage hair growth/re-growth. FALSE.

  • Baldness may have a connection to fertility in men. FALSE.

  • Brushing your hair hundreds of times per day can help stimulate hair growth. FALSE.

  • Some hair styles that cause pressure or tension on the hair, like tight ponytails or corn rows, can cause hair thinning or hair loss. TRUE.

  • Certain hair products, like sprays or gels, can damage the hair follicles. FALSE (though they may damage strands of hair already grown).

  • Hair dryers can cause hair to thin. FALSE. (But too much hair drying or flat-ironing can break or damage existing hair.)

  • Certain vitamin deficiencies can cause hair loss. TRUE.

  • If a man’s father had a full head of hair, then he will have the same. DEPENDS. (Hair loss/growth/kind of hair determined by genes from both parents.)

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