ReGen System

The ReGen Systems unique combination of amino acids, vegetable extracts, vitamins, polypeptide's and proteins reduce excessive, unnatural hair loss by introducing natural nutrients to ravaged scalps and damaged hair follicles, thereby helping to restore healthy hair.

The ReGen System is conveniently packaged in daily regimen pre-packed for home use and includes the following

  • Bio-Active Serum
  • Inter-Balance Complex
  • Scalp Therapy Clensing Treatment
  • Balancing Treatment Shampoo
  • Stabilizing Body Conditioning Treatment
Regen System Photo
Healthy hair follicles become unhealthy when they don't receive the proper nourishment. The ReGen System's exclusive combination of selected nutrients are designed to facilitate the normal function of hair follicles by increasing cell metabolism, correcting unhealthy scalp conditions, and removing topical DHT that builds up and clogs pores that in turn smother the hair follicles; these actions help to strengthen each individual follicle.

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